Performance Analysis of Adaptive Modulation Systems with Truncated Type-II Hybrid ARQ Scheme and MRC Diversity Techniques in Nakagami Fading Environment

나카가미 페이딩 환경에서 Truncated Type-II Hybrid ARQ 방식과 최대비 합성 다이버시티 기법에 의한 적응변조방식의 성능 분석

  • 양재훈 (동신대학교 전기전자공학과) ;
  • 강희조 (동신대학교 전기전자공학과)
  • Published : 2001.08.01


This paper proposes a Truncated Type-II Hybrid ARQ scheme using an adaptive modulation system to achieve high throughput data transmission systems for mobile communication systems. In this paper, the adaptive modulation system analyzed in Nakagami (m-distribution) fading channel environment. The adaptive modulation system controls the modulation level and symbol rate according to the Nakagami fading parameter(m). When the received $E_bN_0$ is high or the Nakagami fading parameter m is high, the propose system selects higher modulation level and higher symbol rate to increase throughput. On the other hand, this system selects lower modulation level and lower symbol rate to prevent throughput performance degradation when the received $E_bN_0$ is low. The modulation method have been adopted QPSK(Quadrature Phase Shift Keying), 16 QAM(Quadrature Amplitude Modulation), 64 QAM, 256 QAM. Therefore, Adaptive Modulation Systems with Truncated Type-II Hybrid ARQ Scheme is proper for mobile and radio for mobile and radio data communication system that require high reliability and delay-limited applications.



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