A Study on the Development of a Model in the Environmental Ethics Education for Eco-centred Life Values

생태중심 생명가치관 확립을 위한 환경윤리교육의 모형 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.07.01


The purpose of this study is to research new paradigms of environmental ethics and environmental ethics education to overcome ecological crisis and to develop an alternative model of systematic environmental ethics education for establishing eco-centred life values. According to deep ecologists, they assert the necessity of basic reorientation of crucial components of present political, economic and social orders to overcome ecological crisis today. This means the movement from the mechanistic worldview to the ecological worldview and the shift from Dominant Social Paradigm(DSP) to New Ecological Paradigm(NEP). Environmental ethics education should be 'eco-centred environmental ethics education'which makes some contribution to overcome ecological crisis and to create new alternatives. Also it should be not a simple behavior change but 'eco-centred environmental ethics education', what is called, as 'ecological literacy education'which changes the views of values, thoughts and attitudes etc. In this, as a new social curriculum, 'ecological literacy education'means to cultivate the ability which can recognize environmental problems correctly and to overcome ecological crisis wisely we face with today. To perform this ecological environmental ethics education, we suggested 'eco-centred life values', we place a criterion of moral value judgment according to 'ecological conscience'on 'life', and we presented 'an alternative model of environmental ethics education' giving consideration to human being, nature and environment at the same time.