Rapid Microbiological Assessment Method by using ATP-Bioluminescence in Ginseng Powder

ATP-Bioluminescence를 이용한 인삼분말의 미생물 신속검사법

  • Published : 2001.09.01


Bioluminescence technique was applied to ginseng powders. ATP bioluminescence can be used as a rapid method that can be implemented for microbiological monitoring of contaminated ginseng powders. The RLU (relative light units) of ATP was proportion to bacterial CFU (colony forming units) when in high contaminated ginseng powders ($\geq$ about 1.0$\times$10$^4$CFU/g). However, when in low contaminated ginseng powders ($\times$10$^4$CFU/g), the RLU was not proportion to CFU, respectively.