• Sung, Soo-Hak (Department of Applied Mathematics, Paichai University) ;
  • Volodin, Andrei-I. (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina)
  • Published : 2001.01.01


The rate of convergence for an almost surely convergent series $S_n={\Sigma^n}_{i-1}X_i$ of independent random variables is studied in this paper. More specifically, when S$_{n}$ converges almost surely to a random variable S, the tail series $T_n{\equiv}$ S - S_{n-1} = {\Sigma^\infty}_{i-n} X_i$ is a well-defined sequence of random variables with T$_{n}$ $\rightarrow$ 0 almost surely. Conditions are provided so that for a given positive sequence {$b_n, n {\geq$ 1}, the limit law sup$_{\kappa}\geqn | T_{\kappa}|/b_n \rightarrow$ 0 holds. This result generalizes a result of Nam and Rosalsky [4].


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