Stress Distribution on Construction Joint of Prestressed Concrete bridge Members with Tendon Couplers

텐던커플러를 사용한 프리스트레스트 콘크리트 교량부재의 이음부 응력분포 특성


  • Published : 2001.02.01


Recently, prestressed concrete(PSC) bridge structures with many repetitive spans have been widely constructed using the segmental construction method in many countries. In these segmentally constructed PSC bridges, there exist many construction joints which is required coupling of tendons or overlapping of tendons to introduce continuous prestress through several spans of bridges. The purpose of this paper is to investigate in detail the complicated stress distributions around the tendon coupled joints in prestressed concrete girders. To this end, a comprehensive experimental program has been set up and a series of specimens have been tested to identify the effects of tendon coupling. The present study indicates that the longitudinal and transverse stress distributions of PSC girders with tendon couplers are quite different from those of PSC girders without tendon couplers. It is seen that the longitudinal compressive stresses introduced by prestressing are greatly reduced around coupled joints according to tendon coupling ratios. The large reduction of compressive stresses around the coupled joints may cause deleterious cracking problems in PSC girder bridges due to tensile stresses arising from live loads, shrinkage and temperature effects. The analysis results by finite element method correlate very well with test results observed complex strain distributions of tendon coupled members. It is expected that the results of this paper will provide a good basis for realistic design guideline around tendon coupled joints in PSC girder bridges.


겹침이음;접속이음;세스먼트 시공;프리스트레스트 콘크리트 교량;텐던 커플러


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