Free Vibration Analysis of Multi-Delaminated Beams

다층 층간분리된 적층보의 자유진동해석

  • Published : 2001.12.01


In the present study, free vibration analysis of multi-delaminated beams is performed. In order to investigate the effects of mu1ti-delaminations on the dynamic characteristics of multi-delaminated beams, the general kinematic continuity conditions are derived from the assumption of constant curvature at the multi-delamination tip. Frequency equations of multi-delaminated beams are obtained by dividing the global multi-delaminated beam into beam segments and by imposing recurrence relation from the continuity conditions un each sub-beam. The comparisons between the results of numerical analysis obtained by finite element analysis and those of present analysis give good agreement with each other. It is shown that the effects of multi-delaminations on free vibration characteristics of laminated beams could be used to detect their sizes, types and locations from the results.


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