The Shear and Friction Characteristics Analysis of End-Milling

엔드밀링의 전단특성 및 마찰특성 해석

  • Published : 2001.10.01


In end milling process the undeformed chip thickness and the cutting force components vary periodically with phase change of the tool. In this study, up end milling process is transformed to the equivalent oblique cutting. The varying undeformed chip thickness and the cutting force components in end milling process are replaced with the equivalent average ones. Then it can be possible to analyze the chip-tool friction and shear process in the shear plane of the end milling process by the equivalent oblique cutting model. According to this analysis, when cutting SM45C steel, 72% of the total energy is consumed in the shear process and the balance is consumed in the friction process.


Up End Milling;Oblique Cutting;Helix Angle;Specific Shear Energy;Specific friction Energy;Specific Cutting Energy


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