Design of Gate Location in Injection Molding of a Dashboard Using Dummy Runner

모조 러너를 이용한 계기판 사출성형의 게이트 위치 설계

Han, Gyeong-Hui;Choe, Du-Sun;Kim, Hong-Seok;Im, Yong-Taek

  • Published : 2001.10.01


Injection molding is widely used in producing various plastic parts due to its high productivity, and the demand for injection molded products with high precision is increasing. To achieve successful product quality and precision, the design of gating and runner system in injection mold is very important because it influences the melt flow into the cavity. Some deflects, such as weld lines and overpacking, can be effectively controlled with proper selection of gate locations. In the present study, the design of gate locations in injection molding of a dashboard fur automobiles was carried out with CAMP mold, a PC-based simulation system for injection molding. A dummy runner system was developed to simulate a runner system in order to increase the efficiency of the analysis procedure. The numbers and locations of gates were iteratively determined in the present investigation. In this procedure, an acceptable design was obtained in terms of reducing the maximum pressure and clamping force.


CAMPmold;Dummy Runner;Injection Molding;Gate Locati


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