Development of an Optimization Algorithm Using Orthogonal Arrays in Discrete Design Space

직교배열표를 이용한 이산공간에서의 최적화 알고리듬 개발

  • Published : 2001.10.01


The structural optimization have been carried out in the continuous design space or in the discrete design space. Methods fur discrete variables such as genetic algorithms , are extremely expensive in computational cost. In this research, an iterative optimization algorithm using orthogonal arrays is developed for design in discrete space. An orthogonal array is selected on a discrete des inn space and levels are selected from candidate values. Matrix experiments with the orthogonal array are conducted. New results of matrix experiments are obtained with penalty functions leer constraints. A new design is determined from analysis of means(ANOM). An orthogonal array is defined around the new values and matrix experiments are conducted. The final optimum design is found from iterative process. The suggested algorithm has been applied to various problems such as truss and frame type structures. The results are compared with those from a genetic algorithm and discussed.


Discrete Design Space;Orthogonal Arrays;Design of Experiments;Structural Optimization


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