Reliability Analysis in Fatigue Strength of Connecting Rod

커넥팅 로드의 피로강도에 대한 신뢰성 해석

Kim, Cheol-Su;Lee, Jun-Hyeong;Kim, Jeong-Gyu

  • Published : 2001.10.01


It is necessary to evaluate fatigue strength and reliability of the connecting rod which is core part in automotive engine to assure the high level of durability of automobile. For this purpose, the loading conditions in automotive engine is obtained by the dynamic analysis. Based on these results, the critical section was identified by the finite element analysis. The fatigue strength under constant amplitude was evaluated and the mean of the fatigue limit at R = -2.27 derived from the staircase method was 311.2MPa. And the failure probability( F$\sub$p/ ) derived from the strength-stress interference model is 0.0003% at the 99.99% confidence level and the mean factor of safety was 4.2.


Connecting clod;Staircase Test Method;Weibull Distribution;Strength-Stress Interference Model;Failure Probability;Mean Factor of Safety


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