Finite Element Modeling of Polarization Switching in Electro-Mechanically Coupled Materials

전기-기계적으로 연성된 재료의 분극역전 거동에 대한 유한요소 모델링

  • Kim, Sang-Ju
  • 김상주
  • Published : 2001.11.01


A finite element model for polarization switching in electro-mechanically coupled materials is proposed and applied to predict the switching behavior of a two-dimensional ferroelectric ceramic. A complicated micro-structure existing in the material is modeled as il continuum body and a simple 3 node triangle finite element with nodal displacement and voltage degrees of freedom is used for a finite element analysis. The elements use nonlinear constitutive equations, switching criterion and kinetic relation, fur representation of material response at strong electric and stress fields. The polarization state of the material is represented by internal variables in each element, which are updated at each simulation step based on the proposed constitutive equations. The model reproduces strain and electric displacement hysteresis loops observed in the material.


FEM;Electro-Mechanical Coupling;Polarization Switching;Ferroelectric Ceramics


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