Effect of Residual Stress on Fatigue Strength in Resistance Spot Weldment

저항 점 용접부의 피로강도에 미치는 잔류응력의 영향

Yang, Yeong-Su;Son, Gwang-Jae;Jo, Seong-Gyu;Hong, Seok-Gil;Kim, Seon-Gyun;Mo, Gyeong-Hwan

  • Published : 2001.11.01


Estimation of fatigue strength on the spot welded joint is very Important for strength design of spot welded steed sheet structures. In this paper, the effect of residual stress on the fatigue life of resistance spot weldment was studied. Residual stress fields of weldment were calculated by using thermo elastic plastic finite element analysis and equivalent fatigue stress considering residual stress effect was obtained. And then we predicted fatigue life, which included the effect of the residual stresses and the actual loading stresses. The calculation and experimental results were in good agreement. Therefore, the proposed calculated model can be considered to be sufficiently powerful for the prediction of fatigue life.


Residual Stress;Fatigue Strength;Resistance Spot Welding


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