Wear Characteristics of Plastic Pinion Against Steel Gear for Different Pitch Line Velocities

운전속도에 따른 플라스틱기어의 마멸특성

  • Published : 2001.11.01


Wear characteristics of Nylon and acetal pinions against steel gears for different pitch line velocities was studied with a power circulating gear test rig under unlubricated condition. Specific wear rate was measured as a function of tooth number, module, tooth width and total revolution. The worn tooth surfaces were examined with a profile projector. The Nylon pinion showed lower specific wear rate than the acetal pinion. However, the Nylon pinion was fractured at high tooth loads, whereas the acetal pinion exhibited a steady wear behavior. The wear characteristics of Nylon pinion varied significantly with the Pitch line velocity. Wear occurred most severely at the tooth tip and the region immediately below the pitch line of pinion. The dominant wear mechanisms were adhesion and abrasion.


Wear;Plastic Gear;Pitch Line Velocity;Specific Wear Rate


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