Topographical Analysis of the Rubbed Surface using Fractal Dimension

프랙탈 차원을 이용한 마찰면의 형상특징 해석

Park, Heung-Sik;Kim, Yeong-Hui;Jeon, Tae-Ok;Jo, Yeon-Sang;Mun, Byeong-Ju

  • Published : 2001.11.01


The fractal-based method for describing rubbed surface texture has aroused great interest. The determination of rubbed surface topography is believed to be extremely important in the areas of contact mechanics, adhesion and friction. In order to describe topography of the rubbed surface, the wear test was carried out with annular surfaces of wear testing specimens in dry friction. furthermore, the relation between the fractal dimensions and the frictional conditions are also investigated and fractal descriptors was applied to rubbed surface with image processing. Fractal dimension can be determined by sum of intensity difference of image surface pixel. Fractal dimension increased according as the applied load and sliding distance increase. Topography of the rubbed surface can be effectively obtained by fractal dimensions.


Rubbed Surface;Topographical Analysis;Image Processing;Intensity Difference;Fractal Dimension


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