Fault Detection of a Gear with Initial Pitting using the Boomed Phase Map of Continuous Wavelet Transform

연속 웨이블렛 변환의 확대된 위상 지도를 이용한 기어의 초기 퍼팅 결함 진단

  • Published : 2001.11.01


Vibration transient generated by developing localized fault in gear can be used as indicators in gear fault detection. In this paper, we propose the zoomed phase map for a fault signal using continuous wavelet transfers to detect this vibration transient. Local fault induces the abrupt fluctuation of load exciting tooth and phase lag in the vibration signal measured on the gearbox. The relatively large fault like "tip breakage" easily can be detected by the clear fluctuation of exciting load. However, minor fault like "initial pitting"cannot be detected using the load fluctuation. To defect this kind of minor fault, the phase map for a fault signal is taken into account. The phase lag by minor fault is observed well in the zoomed phase map.


Fault Detection;Wavelet Transfers;Gear;Phase Modulation;Phase Map;Pitting;Breakage


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