Optimal Design of a High Speed Carbon Composite Air Spindle

고속 공기 주축부를 위한 복합재료 주축의 최적 설계

Bang, Gyeong-Geun;Lee, Dae-Gil

  • Published : 2001.11.01


For the stable operation of high speed air spindle, the low rotational inertia and high damping ratio of spindle shafts as well as high fundamental natural frequency are indispensable. Conventional steel spindles are net appropriate for very high speed operation because of their high rotational inertia and low damping ratio. In this study, a high speed spindle composed of carbon fiber epoxy composite shaft and steel flange was designed for maximum critical speed considering minimum static deflection and radial expansion due to bending load and centrifugal force during high speed relation. The stacking angle and the stacking thickness of the composite shaft and the adhesive bonding length of the 7teel flange were selected through vibrational analysis considering static and thermal loads due to temperature rise.


Air Spindle;Carbon Composite Shaft;Aerostatic Bearing;Optimal Design;Critical Speed;Static Deflection;Thermal Stability


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