Shape Design of Micro Electrostatic Actuator using Multidimensional Design Windows

다차원 설계윈도우 탐색법을 이용한 마이크로 액추에이터 형상설계

Jeong, Min-Jung;Kim, Yeong-Jin;Daisuke Ishihara;Yoshimura, Shinobu;Yagawa, Genki

  • Published : 2001.11.01


For micro-machines, very few design methodologies based on optimization hale been developed so far. To overcome the difficulties of design optimization of micro-machines, the search method for multi-dimensional design window (DW)s is proposed. The proposed method is defined as areas of satisfactory design solutions in a design parameter space, using both continuous evolutionary algorithms (CEA) and the modified K-means clustering algorithm . To demonstrate practical performance of the proposed method, it was applied to an optimal shape design of micro electrostatic actuator of optical memory. The shape design problem has 5 design parameters and 5 objective functions, and finally shows 4 specific design shapes and design characters based on the proposed DWs.


Design Window;Optimization;Evolutionary Algorithm;Clustering;Micro Electrostatic Actuator;Finite Element Method


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