Transient Analysis of Composite Cylindrical Shells with Ring Stiffeners

링보강 복합재료 원통셸의 과도해석

Kim, Yeong-Wan

  • Published : 2001.11.01


The theoretical method is developed to investigate the effects of ring stiffeners on free vibration characteristics and transient response for the ring stiffened composite cylindrical shells subjected to the impulse pressure Loading. In the theoretical procedure, the Love's thin shell theory combined with the discrete stiffener theory to consider the ring stiffening effect is adopted to formulate the theoretical model. The concentric or eccentric ring stiffeners are laminated with composite and have the uniform rectangular cross section. The modal analysis technique is used to develop the analytical solutions of the transient problem. The analysis is based on an expansion of the loads, displacements in the double Fourier series that satisfy the boundary conditions. The effect of stiffener's eccentricity, number, size, and position on transient response of the shells is examined. The results are verified by comparison with FEM results.


Transient Response;Vibration Characteristics;Ring Stiffener;Composite Cylindrical Shell;Impulse Pressure;Modal Analysis Technique;Discrete Stiffener Theory


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