Residual Stress and Displacement Analysis of Thick Plate for Partial Penetration Multi-Pass Weldment

후판의 부분용입 다층용접에 대한 잔류음력 및 변형해석

  • Published : 2001.11.01


Partial penetration welding Joint defines that groove welds without steel backing, welded from on side, and groove weeds welded from both sides but without back gouging, that is. it has an unwelded portion at the root of the weld. In this study we analysed fur residual stress and displacement distribution on partial penetration welding condition of thick plate metal. For 25.4mm thick plate, theoretical residual stress and displacement analysis by finite element method using ABAQUS was carried out and compared with the experimental result using hole-drilling method. In results of the condition of partial penetration, it appeared that longitudinal stress at welding area was a little difference and transverse stress did not have any effect by partial penetration multi-pass welding. From a point of welding distortion in partial penetration multi-pass welding, it seemed to be better to control root face smaller than 6.35mm.


Partial Penetration Welding;Multi-Pass Weld;Hole Drilling Method;Residual Stress


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