Precision Stage Using A Novel Contact-Free Planar Actuator Based on Combination of Electromagnetic forces

전자기력 조합에 기초한 평면 구동기를 이용한 자기 부상 방식 초정밀 스테이지

Jeong, Gwang-Seok;Baek, Yun-Su

  • Published : 2001.11.01


In this Paper, we suggest the precision stage using a novel non-contact planar actuator that utilizes an interaction between an array type of air-core solenoids and permanent magnets. The former with axes arranged in the mutually orthogonal direction is fixed on the stator and the latter with the same polar direction is attached below the stage. The promising magnetic structure has little uncertainty such as hysteresis loss caused by ferromagnetic material, then it is simple to quantify the magnetic phenomenon. And all the magnetic forces are transmitted through narrow air-gap between the coil and the permanent magnet, therefore the structure can be highly compacted. Furthermore, the stage or plate can be perfectly isolated from the stator without any wire connection, leading to diminish the generating possibility of wear particles due to mechanical contact. Then. it is estimated that the proposed operating principle is very suitable for work requiring high accuracy and cleanness. or general-purpose nano stage. The main issues rebated to the plate driving are discussed here.


Planar Actuator;Magnetic Levitation;Superposed Solution;Precision Stage


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