Finite Element Analysis for Actuating Performance Evaluation of LIghtweight Piezo-composite Curved Acutator

경량 압전복합재료 곡면형 작동기(LIPCA)의 작동성능 평가를 위한 유한요소 해석

Gu, Nam-Seo

  • Published : 2001.11.01


A numerical method for actuating performance evaluation of LIPCA proposed using a finite element method. Fully coupled formulations for piezo-electric materials were introduced and 3-dimensional eight-node incompatible element was used. After verifying the developed code with typical examples, the center deflections of LIPCA were calculated and compared with the experimental result, which were in fairly agreement.


LIPCA(LIghtweightPiezo-composite Curved Actuator);Finite Element Method;Piero-electric Finite Element


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