탈설계 조건에서 원심압축기의 미끄럼 계수 모델들의 평가

Yun, Seong-Ho;Baek, Je-Hyeon

  • 발행 : 2001.11.01


A slip factor is defined as an empirical factor, which should be multiplied to theoretical energy transfer to estimate real work input of a centrifugal compressor. During the last century, researchers have tried to develop simple empirical models to predict the slip factor. However most of these models have been developed based only on design point data. Furthermore flow is assumed inviscid. As a result, these models often fail to predict the correct slip factor at off-design condition. In this study, various models for the slip factor were analysed and compared with experimental and numerical data at off-design conditions. As a result of this study, Wiesner's and Paeng and Chung's models are shown to be applicable for radial impeller, but all the models are found to be inappropriate for backswept impellers.


미끄럼 계수;원심 압축기;회전차;탈설계 조건;평균 유속법;후향 경사각;깃의 개수


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