PIV기법을 이용한정사각실린더의 근접후류에 관한 연구 (III) - 위상평균유동장 -



Lee, Man-Bok;Kim, Gyeong-Cheon

  • 발행 : 2001.11.01


Phase averaged velocity fields in the near wake region behind a square cylinder have been (successfully) obtained using randomly sampled PIV data sets. The Reynolds number based on the flow velocity and the vertex height was 3,900. To identify the phase information, we examined the magnitude of circulation and the center of peak vorticity. The center of vorticity was estimated from lowpass filtered vorticity contours (LES decomposition) adopting a sub-pixel searching algirithm. Due to the sinusoidal nature of firculation which is closely related to the instantaneous vorticity, the location of peak voticity fits well with a sine curve of the circulation magnitude. Conditionally-averaged velocity fields represent the barman vortex shedding phenomenon very well within 5 degrees phase uncertainty. The oscillating nature of the separated shear layer and the separation bubble at the top surface are clearly observed. With the hot-wire measurements of Strouhal frequency, we found thats the convection velocity changes its magnitude very rapidly from 25 to 75 percent of the free stream velocity along the streamwise direction when the flow passes by the recirculation region.


정사각 실린더;근접후류;와류유출;입자영상유속계;코히런트 구조;위상평균;스트로할 수


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