Development of Algorithm for Two Dimensional Automatic Mesh Generation and Remeshing Technique Using Bubble Packing Method (II) - Nonlinear Analysis -

버블패킹방법을 이용한 2차원 자동격자 생성 및 재구성 알고리듬 개발 (II) -비선형 해석-

  • Published : 2001.12.01


In this second part of the paper, the automatic mesh generation and remeshing algorithm using bubble packing method is applied to the nonlinear problem. The remeshing/refinement procedure is necessary in the large deformation process especially because the mesh distortion deteriorates the convergence and accuracy. To perform the nonliear analysis, the transfer of state variables such as displacement and strain is added to the algorithm of Part 1. The equilibrium equation based on total Lagrangian formulation and elasto-viscoplastic model is used. For the numerical experiment, the upsetting process including the contact constraint condition is analyzed by two refinement criteria. And from the result, it is addressed that the present algorithm can generate the refined meshes easily at the largely deformed area with high error.


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