Microstructure and Cutting Characteristics of SiC-$Si_3N_4$ Ceramic Cutting Tool

SiC-$Si_3N_4$ 세라믹 절삭공구의 미세구조 및 절삭특성

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Four SiC-Si$_3$N$_4$ceramic cutting tools with different composition have been fabricated by hot-pressing. Correlations among the annealing time, the corresponding microstructure and the mechanical properties of resulting ceramics have been investigated. The fracture toughness and the grain size of both SiC and Si$_3$N$_4$in SiC-Si$_3$N$_4$composites increased with the annealing time. 1\`he hardness of SiC-Si$_3$N$_4$composites was relatively independent of the grain size and the sintered density. These ceramic cutting tools were tested under various cutting conditions and compared with the commercial Si$_3$N$_4$ceramic cutting tools. The experimental results were compared in terms of tool life and cutting force. The performance of SiC-Si$_3$N$_4$ceramic cutting tool shows the possibility to be a new ceramic tool.


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