Active Vibration Control of a Cylindrical Rod Transmitting Axial Load

축 방향 하중 전달 부재의 진동제어

  • Choe, Seung-Ju (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Pohang University of Science and Technology) ;
  • Park, Hyeon-Cheol (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology) ;
  • Hwang, Un-Bong
  • Published : 2001.12.01


An active control of the vibration transmitted by longitudinal load in flight control system is investigated numerically. The flight control system is modeled as a finite, thin shell cylinder with constant thickness. A vibration source is generated by exterior monopole source. Distributed piezoelectric actuator is used to control of the vibration. Thin shell theory is used to formulate the numerical models. The amplitude of vibration at discrete location and power transmission are minimized by analytical optimization method. Genetic algorithm is used as numerical optimization method to search optimal actuator position and size which amplitude of vibration is minimized.


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