Control of a 3-Phase VR Type Self-Bearing Step Motor

3상 가변형 셀프 베어링 스텝모터의 제어

Kim, Dae-Gon

  • Published : 2001.12.01


The control algorithm of a new type self-bearing step motor is presented. The motor actuator is used for both motor and bearing functionality without any redundant coil windings or redundant electromagnets. The self$.$bearing step motor layout and its control method are described. A linearized farce-current-displacement relationship is derived. As the result of the unbalance response approach, the constant torque production is possible fur the supply current regulation algorithm. And even if the bearing functionality is added in the motor functionality, no additional current for bearing functionality is possible, and this leads to minimize the net power loss. Also, the unbalance response shows the independent bearing force and motor torque.


Self-Bearing Motor;Bearingless Motor;Magnetic Bearing;Step Motor;Self-Bearing Step Motor


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