Nonlinear Vibrations of Piezoelectric Microactuators in Hard Disk Drives

하드디스크 드라이브용 압전형 마이크로 액추에이터의 비선형 진동 특성

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Nonlinear vibration characteristics of a piezoelectric-type micro actuator used for hard disk drives are experimentally studied. The nonlinear characterisitics include hysteresis, superharmonic resonance, jump phenomenon, and shifting of natural frequencies. The vibration modes and frequencies of the commercial actuator of the Hutchinson's Magnum series are measured using a laser vibrometer. From harmonic excitation to the PZT acturator, we observe interesting hysteresis patterns with 3 times input frequency. It is shown that the micro actuator has the typical 3 times superhamonic resonances coupled to the first torsional and sway modes of the suspension.



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