Analytic Solution to the Spatial Propagation of the Flexible Structures

유연한 구조물의 공간전파에 관한 해석적 해법

  • Published : 2001.12.01


In this paper, a singularity problem of the state transition matrix is investigated in the spatial propagation when the spatial matrix differential equation is constructed via time finite element analysis. A parametric study shows that the degree of singularity of the state transition matrix depends on the degree of flexibility of the structures. As an alternative to avoid the numerical problems due to the singularity, an analytic solution fur spatial propagation of the flexible structures is proposed. In the proposed method, the spatial properties of the structure are analytically expressed by a combination of transcendental functions. The analytic solution serves fast and accurate results by eliminating the possibility of the error accumulation caused by the boundary condition. Several numerical examples are shown to validate the effectiveness of the proposed methods.


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