A Study on the Estimation of the Ride Quality of a Large-Sized Truck Using a Computer Model

컴퓨터 모델을 이용한 대형트럭의 승차성능 평가에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.12.01


This paper develops a computational model for estimating the ride quality of a cabover type large-sized truck in a double wheel bumpy ride test. The computational model is developed using ADAMS. To verify the developed model, an actual vehicle double wheel bumpy ride test is performed. In the test, the vehicle maintains a straight course with a constant velocity such that the front two wheels are passed the bump at the same time. The bump has the height of 60mm, and the width of 550mm. In the test, four velocities are used. They are 10kph, 20kph, 30kph and 40kph. Since the large-sized truck's center of gravity location is high, and its weight is heavy, it is a quite severe test condition to perform the test with more than 30kph velocity. In the test, vertical accelerations on the floor of the cab are measured. The measured accelerations are compared to the simulation results. From the comparison, it is shown that the developed model can predict not only the measured acceleration's tendency but also peak accelerations quite well. In this paper, the validated model is utilized to compare the ride quality between a vehicle with a multi-leaf spring and a vehicle with a tapered leaf spring in the front suspension system in a double bumpy ride test.


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