A Study on the Characteristics of Edgetones by High-Speed Plane Jets

고속 평면제트에 의한 쐐기음의 특성 연구

  • Published : 2001.12.01


The impinging tones by high-speed plane jets are experimentally investigated to study the edgetone characteristics. Experiment used a slit nozzle and a wedge system to generate edgetones. The jet in the experiment is varied from low to high subsonic speed to obtain the effect of the speed on the frequency characteristics of impinging tones. The experimental data obtained previously fur edgetones and platetones by various nozzles are compared with the present edgetone data. And the condition of tone generation, the frequency ranges, the effective source point and the sound pressure level are compared and discussed. It is found that the jet speed has no diect influence on the impinging tone characteristics. Regardless of the jet speed, the effective source point is about a quarter wavelength downstream from the edge tip. With increase in jet speed, the influence of the nozzle configuration is decreased and the operating frequencies show good coincidences by normalized parameters based on the slit thickness.


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