A Study on the Evaluation of Material Degradation of 1Cr-lMo-0.25V Steel using Ultrasonic Techniques

초음파법을 이용한 1Cr-lMo-0.25V강의 열화도 평가에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.12.01


It's required mechanical properties of in-service facilities to maintain safety operation in power plants as well as chemical plants. In this studdy the four classes of the thermally aged 1Cr-lMo-0.25V specimens were prepared using an artificially accelerated aging method at 630$\^{C}$. Ultrasonic tests, tensile tests, K$\_$IC/ tests and hardness tests were performed in order to evaluate the degree of degradation of the material. The mechanical properties were decreased as degraded, but the attenuation coefficient and the harmonic generation level of a ultrasonic signal were increased. Expecially the nonlinear parameter derived from the harmonic generation level is sensitive and will be a good parameter to evaluate the material degradation.


Material Properties;Nonlinear Parameter;Degradation;Ultrasonic Technique;1Cr-lMo-0.25V steel


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