자기장하에서 액막 초크랄스키 방법에 의한 단결정 성장에 관한 연구

Kim, Mu-Geun;Seo, Jeong-Se

  • 발행 : 2001.12.01


Numerical simulations are carried out for the liquid encapsulant Czochralski(LEC) by imposing a magnetic field. The use of a magnetic field to the crystal growth is to suppress melt convection and to improve the homogeneity of the crystal. In the present numerical investigation, we focus on the range of 0-0.3Tesla strength for the axial and cusped magnetic field and the effect of the magnetic field on the melt-crystal interface, flow field and temperature distribution which are the major factors to determine the quality of the single crystal are of particular interest. For both axial and cusped magnetic field, increase of the magnetic field strength causes a more convex interface to the crystal. In general, the flow is weakened by the application of magnetic field so that the shape of the melt-crystal interface and the transport phenomena are affected by the change of the flow and temperature field.


액막초크랄스키방법;자기장;단결정성장;갈륨 아스나이드


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