액체의 물성치와 노즐의 형상 변화에 따른 압력스월 노즐의 분무 특성

Choe, Yun-Cheol;Jeong, Ji-Won;Kim, Deok-Jul

  • 발행 : 2001.12.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate the significant characteristics in atomization process of industrial etching spray fur the design or Precise pressure-swirl nozzles. The experiment was carried out with different viscosities and densities of the liquid. The macro characteristics of liquid spray, such as the spray angle and breakup process were captured by PMAS and the micro characteristics of liquid spray. such as droplet size and velocity measurements were obtained by PDA. The droplet axial and radial velocity and SMD were measured along axial and radial direction. The RMS of two velocities was measured along radial direction. It was found that the fluid with higher kinematic viscosity resulted in the larger SMD and the lower mean droplet velocity. And we could divide breakup processes into three regions that is atomization, non-dilution and dilution one in spray of pressure-swirl nozzle. The radial as well as axial velocity of droplet played an important role in the atomization process of higher kinematic viscosity fluid.


액체미립화;PDA 위상 도플러 입자 분석기;압력식 와류형 노즐;Sauter 평균입경;분열과정;PMAS 입자 운동 분석기


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