Flow Characteristics in a Microchannel Fabricated on a Silicon Wafer

실리콘 웨이퍼 상에 제작된 미소 유로에서의 유동특성

  • Published : 2001.12.01


Recent developments in microfluidic devices based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technique find many practical applications, which include electronic chip cooling devices, power MEMS devices, micro sensors, and bio-medical devices among others. For the design of such micro devices, flows characteristics inside a microchannel have to be clarified which exhibit somewhat different characteristics compared to conventional flows in a macrochannel. In the present study microchannels of various hydraulic diameters are fabricated on a silicon wafer to study the pressure drop characteristics. The effect of abrupt contraction and expansion is also studied. It is found from the results that the friction factor in a straight microchannel is about 15% higher than that in a conventional macrochannel, and the loss coefficients in abrupt expansion and contraction are about 10% higher than that obtained through conventional flow analysis.


Microchannel;Microfluidics;Pressure Loss;Friction Factor;MEMS


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