SHS 합성에 의한 몰리브덴계 용사용 복합분말의 제조

Fabrication of Mo based Thermal Spray Composite Powder by Self- propagating High- temperature Synthesis

  • 박제신 (한국지질자원연구원 자원활용연구부) ;
  • 심건주 (한국지질자원연구원 자원활용연구부)
  • Park, Je-Sin (Institute of GeoScience and Mineral resource) ;
  • Sim, Geon-Ju (Institute of GeoScience and Mineral resource)
  • 발행 : 2001.09.01


Molybdenum-based thermal spray powder is widely used for coating the moving parts of the internal combustion engines due to its excellent wear resistance. A composite powder of the $Mo_{40}(Al_{1-x}Si_x)_{60}$ system was synthesized using the SHS method. The synthesized bulk was pulverized and specially treated to produce thermal spray powder. It was found that the synthesis reaction consisted of two-steps: the formation of $Al_8/Mo_3$ and the formation of Mo(Al,Si)$_2$. Both the temperature and the rate of the SHS reaction linearly increased with the increase of the value of x in $Mo_{40}(Al_{1-x}Si_x)_{60}$, The temperature and the rate of the reaction were also affected by the compacting density of the specimens, exhibiting the maximum valves at 62% and 60%, respectively. Since spherical shape is advantageous to the thermal spraying process, shape-control of the powder was attempted with PVA as a binding additive, resulting in the successful production of almost perfectly spherical powder of 80 $\mu\textrm{m}$ Ø$(d_{50})$ mean particle size.


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