The Dyeing Properties of Korean Knotweed Extract( II ) - The UV-visible Spectrophotometric Characteristics of Korean Knotweed Extracts -

호장근 추출액에 의한 염색성(II) -호장근 추출액의 자외 . 가시부 분광 특성 -

  • Published : 2001.10.01


The Purpose of this study was to investigate spectrophotometric characteristics of Korean knotweed extracts. The properties were evaluated by it's extracting solvent, effect of metallic ion, variations of pH values and effect of light exposure. The results were as following; The highest absorbance was found in methanol extract of Korean knotweed, while the lowest absorbance was carbon tetrachloride extract. The UV-vis. spectra of Korean knotweed colors in several solvents showed hypsochromic shift of $n->\pi^*$ transition with the polarity of solvent. Absorbance and peak of UV-vis. spectra of Korean knotweed colors became lower and broader by addition of metallic ion. The light stability in irradiation with xenon ]amp of the color solution with Cu were higher than those of Al and Fe. The UV-vis. spectra of Korean knotweed extracts in various pH values showed bathochromic shift under alkaline condition, and their Peaks disappeared after 5 hours exposure.