Phosphorylation of silk fibroin and its properties

견 피브로인의 인산화와 그 특성

  • Published : 2001.12.01


To improve the functional properties as a food, silk fibroin was phosphorylated with STMP In the phosphorylation reaction of silk fibroin, the degree of phosphorylation was increased with high alkali index and treatment temperature. Depending on treatment time and concentration of STMP it was rapidly increased up to 1hr. and 50%, but slowly above that time and 100%. It was indicated in the results of FT-IR analysis and $\^$31/p NMR spectroscopy of phosphorylated fibroin that it had a close ∝-helix and poly-phosphate structure. The more phosphorylation of fibroin made more turbidity, foam expansion and foam stability, but less solubility. Emulsifying activity was increased up to P100, but slightly decreased above Pl00 and emulsifying stability was constantly increased on the progressing of phosphorylation.


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