Shear Behavior Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Beams by Transformation Angle Truss Modul

변환각 트러스 모델에 의한 철근콘크리트 보의 전단거동 예측에 관한 연구

  • 김상우 ;
  • 이정윤
  • Published : 2001.04.01


This paper presents on the shear behavior prediction of reinforced concrete beams using Transformation Angle Truss Model (TATM). The TATM can evaluate the stress-strain relationships for cracked concrete by transforming stresses and strains for principal plane into those over the crack surfaces. This proposed analytical method simplifies the Fixed Angle Softened Truss Model (FA-STM) and removes the limitation of applicability of the FA-STM. The shear.strength and strain of reinforced concrete beams are predicted by using the TATM. For the verification of proposed method, experimental results of reinforced concrete beams were compared with theoretical results by the TATM, FA-STM and Rotating Angle Softened Truss Model (RA-STM).


transformation angle truss model;fixed angle softened truss model;rotating an softened truss model;reinforced concrete beam