Crack Growth Behavior of Cement Composites by Fractal Analysis

시멘트 복합체의 균열성장거동에 관한 프랙탈 해석


  • Published : 2001.04.01


The fractal geometry is a non-Euclidean geometry which discribes the naturally irregular or fragmented shaps, so that it can be applied to fracture behavior of materials to investigate the fracture process. Fractal curves have a characteristic that represents a self-similarity as an invariant based on the fractal dimension. This fractal geometry was applied to the crack growth of cementitious composites in order to correlate the fracture behavior to microstructures of cemposite composites. The purpose of this study was to find relationships between fractal dimensions and fracture energy. Fracture test was carried out in order to investigate the fracture behavior of plain and fiber reinforced cement composites. The load-CMOD curve and fracture energy of the beams were observed under the three point loading system. The crack profiles were obtained by the image processing system. Box counting method was used to determine the fractal dimension, D$_{f}$. It was known that the linear correlation exists between fractal dimension and fracture energy of the cement composites. The implications of the fractal nature for the crack growth behavior on the fracture energy, G$_{f}$ is appearent.ent.


CMOD;Cement composites;Fractal dimension;Fractal geometry;Fracture energy


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