A Study on the Performance Improvement of Turbo Coded OFDM Systems Considering Frequency Offset

주파수 오프셋을 고려한 Tued OFDM 시스템의 성능 개선에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.09.01


In this paper, it is analyzed theoretically that the performance degradation, caused by carrier frequency offset, in an OFDM/M-ary PSK system. Then, when Turbo coding is adopted to an OFDM/M-ary PSK system, the degree of performance enhancement is evaluated. Finally, the maximum frequency offset is calculated to satisfy the BER performance required in a Turbo coded OFDM/M-ary PSK system. As results of analysis, it is shown that the more the number of M-ary is, the worse the BER performance is. Moreover, 7dB, 9dB, and 17dB of $E_b/N_o$ are required in QPSK, 8PSK and 16PSK systems, respectively in order to satisfy the error performance, $BER=10^{-3}$ for voice communication. If $E_b/N_o$ are 10㏈ and 15㏈, the frequency offset should be below 0.05 and 0.075, respectively, for voice communication. When Turbo coding is adopted to an OFDM/M-ary PSK system, the less the number of M-ary is, the greater the performance enhancement of Turbo coding is. If the number of a M-ary system of the system is below 16, it is found that required $E_b/N_o$ is about 8dB to satisfy $BER=10^{-5}$ Moreover, in the system the Turbo coding scheme, voice communication is available with greatly low$E_b/N_o$, and 8dB of $E_b/N_o$ is enough for data communication regardless of the permission range of frequency offset.