Implementation of C++ ID Compiler

C++ IDL 컴파일러 구현

  • Published : 2001.09.01


In this paper, OUIG IDL CFE, provided by Sunsoft, is used to take a IDL definitions as inputs and parse those. OmniORB3 is introduced to support functionality of the ORB. Suns CFE produce AST after parsing inputs. Actually, the node of AST Is instances of classes which are derived from CFE classes. As the compiler back end visit the node of the AST using iterator class, UTL_ScopeActiveIterator, it dumps codes of output. During processing, two files are generated. Routines of generating code are invoked by and codes are produced while visiting root of AST, idl_global->root(). The dump* functions which dump codes is called according to the type of node. In this paper, Mapping C++ of IDL definition is experimented and results In the same as that of omniidl which is provided by omniORB3. The code of results behavior correctly on omniORB3. In the future, we are interested in optimizing the performance of marshalling code via IDL compiler.