A Study on the Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties by the Composition Ratio and Sintering Condition of NiCuZn Ferrite

NiCuZn 페라이트의 조성 및 소결조건에 따른 전자파흡수 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2001.09.01


With the development of electromagnetic communication technology and increased use of electromagnetic wave, the countermeasure of EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) becomes more important socially, and interest for the electromagnetic wave absorber has also increased. In this paper, we have studied characteristics of frequency dependency on complex permittivity and complex permeability according to the changes of composition rate and sintering temperature of NiCuZn ferrite also known as electromagnetic wave absorber and further looked into effect of electromagnetic wave absorption properties. From the measurement where the composition of $Fe_2O_3$ and ZnO of NiCuZn ferrite was fixed at 49 and 34 mol% respectively while composition of NiO and CuO has been varied at each test, we found out that Initial permeability and permittivity were high and the absorbing ability of electromagnetic wave recorded best with $loss tangent(=\mur"/\mur')$ displays more than 1 within the frequency band of 2MHz~9.5MHz when the composition ratio of NiO was ranged around 8.5~9.5 mol% and the sintering temperature was $1080^{\circ}C$.TEX>.