Analysis of Waveguid Filter Using Green′s Absorbing Layer in three Dimension TLM Method

3차원 TLM 법에서 그린 흡수층을 이용한 도파관 필터의 해석

  • Published : 2001.09.01


In TLM method, Discrete Green's function ABC have been used when improved the exactness of analyzing in wide frequency band. But this technology has a complicated process to apply absorbing boundary, which means it needs additional numerical analyzing process to obtain discrete Green's function data. so, In this paper, we propose new Green's absorbing layer for simple process to apply absorbing boundary. newly proposed Green's absorbing layer is produced by applying of loss operation, loading discrete Green's function with attenuation. A state of optimum absorbing would be obtained by relation between increasing rate of loss, attenuation constant and length of green's absorbing layer. and then Analysts of waveguide BPF is carried out using Green's absorbing layer within state of optimum absorbing, then this result is in corrective agreement with the result applying traditional discrete Green's function ABC.