A Design of Mutirate Filter flanks using Un Control Approach

$H_\infty$ 제어기법을 적응한 다중비 필터 뱅크의 설계

  • 이상철 (재능대학 정보통신계열) ;
  • 박종우 (재능대학 정보통신계열) ;
  • 박계원 (재능대학 정보통신계열)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


A H$\infty$ control theory is applied to the design problem of synthesis filters in a mutirate filter bank. We select a desired pure time-delay system as reference model, and then consider the error system between the mutirate filter bank and the reference model. 1'he synthesis filters minimize the ι$_2$-induced norm of the error system.