Analysis Performance of Convolutional Code and Turbo code Using The Semi-Random Interleaver

길쌈부호와 세미 랜덤 인터리버를 사용한 터보코드의 성능분석

  • Published : 2001.10.01


In this paper was analyzed the performance of turbo code using semi-random interleaver which proposed a reference numbers 11. Which was analyzed comparison the performance of between the current mobile communication system had been used the viterbe decoding algorithm of convolutional code and turbo codes when fixed constraint length. The result was defined that the performance of turbo code rose a $E_{b/}$ $N_{o}$=4.7[㏈] than convolutional code, when convolutional code and turbo code was fixed by BER = 10$^{-4}$ and constraint length K 5.5.5.