Sea Level Variabilities in the East Asian Marginal Seas by Topex/Poseidon Altimeter Data

Topex/Poseidon 고도계자료를 이용한 동북아시아 연변해역의 해수면 변화 연구

  • Published : 2001.10.01


The first 7 years of altimeter data from the TOPEX/POSEIDON(T/P) were analyzed to study the surface circulation and its variability in the East Asian Marginal Seas. Long term averaged T/P sea level time series data where compared with in situ sea level measurements from a float-operated type tide gauge around of south Korea and Japan. T/]P data are a large contaminated by 60-day tidal aliasing effect, very near the alias periods of M2 and 52. When this 60-day effect is removed, the data agree well with the tide gauge data with 4.6 cm averaged RMS difference. The T/P derived sea level variability reveals clearly the well-known, strong current-topography such as Kuroshio. The T/P mean sea level of North Pacific(NP) was higher than Yellow Sea(YS) and East Sea(ES). The T/P sea level variability, with strong eddy and meandering, was the largest in eastern part of Japan and this variability was mainly due to the influence of bottom topography in Kuroshio Extension area.