Future Cyber Information Warfare

사이버 정보전 준비 해야

  • 오제상 (국방대학교 정보화 소요공학실)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


Currently if we are to make a thought to depend on our fast developing information technology, a future war is necessarily to be made a situation of a cyber information warfare. A attacker in the cyber information warfare is able to make attack a military or a civil information and communication system, especially if a attack of a hacker, a virus or a electromagnetic pulse bomb at a military C4ISR system is able to make a confusion or a interruption in military operations, they are available to attack as a real time with non restrictions of physical distance, time, weather and space. While a expenditure of carrying out the cyber information warfares is the lowest expenditure, a effect of carrying out the cyber information warfares is the greatest effect in side of a interruption of information, a confusion, a terror, a pillage and crime of the people. This paper is to introduce "weapons of cyber information warfares", "offence capability of cyber information warfares about several nations" and to propose "a cyber information warfare organization" or the future knowledge warfare. the future knowledge warfare.