Transforming an Entity-Relationship Model into a Temporal Object Oriented Model Based on Object Versioning

객체 버전화를 중심으로 시간지원 개체-관계 모델의 시간지원 객체 지향 모델로 변환

  • 이홍로 (전북대학교 공과대학 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Published : 2001.06.01


Commonly to design a database system. a conceptual database has to be designed and then it is transformed into a logical database schema prior to building a target database system. This paper proposes a method which transforms a Temporal Entity-Relationship Model(TERM) into a Temporal Object-Oriented Model(TOOM) to build an efficient database schema. I formalize the time concept in view of object versioning and specify the constraints required during transformation procedure. The proposed transformation method contributes to getting the logical temporal data from the conceptual temporal events Without any loss of semantics, Compared to other approaches of supporting various properties, this approach is more general and efficient because it is the semantically seamless transformation method by using the orthogonality of types of objects, semantics of relationships and constraints over roles.