Efficient Task Distribution Method for Load Balancing on Clusters of Heterogeneous Workstations

이기종 워크스테이션 클러스터 상에서 부하 균형을 위한 효과적 작업 분배 방법

  • 지병준 (한림정보산업대학 전산정보처리과) ;
  • 이광모 (한림대학교 정보전자공과대학 컴퓨터공학부)
  • Published : 2001.08.01


The clustering environment with heterogeneous workstations provides the cost effectiveness and usability for executing applications in parallel. The load balancing is considered as a necessary feature for the clustering of heterogeneous workstations to minimize the turnaround time. Since each workstation may have different users, groups. requests for different tasks, and different processing power, the capability of each processing unit is relative to the others' unit in the clustering environment Previous works is a static approach which assign a predetermined weight for the processing capability of each workstation or a dynamic approach which executes a benchmark program to get relative processing capability of each workstation. The execution of the benchmark program, which has nothing to do with the application being executed, consumes the computation time and the overall turnaround time is delayed. In this paper, we present an efficient task distribution method and implementation of load balancing system for the clustering environment with heterogeneous workstations. Turnaround time of the methods presented in this paper is compared with the method without load balancing as well as with the method load balancing with performance evaluation program. The experimental results show that our methods outperform all the other methods that we compared.